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quotation mark In just 10 hours of coaching from Blue Orchid Consulting I was able to raise my turnover by 50% in a year, clear all my debts and consolidate my business. It's an excellent service. Graham Radband, MacNetwork, after 5 coaching sessions. quotation mark

quotation mark The exercise called 'Stepping into the Environment before the Event' was mind-blowing. This is must-have training for anyone serious about presenting. Brian Flynn, , Director of Greentech Industries, after a one-on-one presenting skills course. quotation mark

quotation markI got sent a pile of VAT booklets to read and normally that would take me two hours to go through to get the info that I need. It was so much easier with PhotoReading - and it only took me 30 minutes. Grace Kelly, Entrepreneur. quotation mark

Effective mental and physical skills for busy professionals

Welcome to our website. Blue Orchid Consulting specializes in helping clients to raise productivity, increase profits and secure steady growth.

Our economic situation is shocking in many respects - company liquidations have increased by a staggering 25%* and individual insolvencies are up by 60%* since last year, but these very things contain within them the promise of new growth. The worst hit for bankruptcies are retail, construction and professional services*, where a lack of service provision is now a real danger, and yet this also represents an opportunity for other businesses to jump in and do it better.

Many companies are shedding staff in order to survive, pushing up unemployment figures and driving down morale, and this too raises the question as to how the remaining staff in a business can work smarter, rather than harder, to do it all. In the banking sector the pathological decision-making that has been sucking the lifeblood out of our economy has made business leadership and the way we run our businesses a hot topic. * NSO 2009.

What is your hidden business treasure? Are you maximizing the goldmine in your business?

  • Do you know what 'better than others' looks like in your organisation?
  • Have you identified what smart behaviours in your organization look like?
  • Have you asked your staff what practical changes they need you to make to empower them to achieve the excellence habit?

Blue Orchid Consulting offers executive coaching and practical mental and physical skills for businesses that need their staff to achieve a peak all-round productivity habit. We can provide a complete service including a needs/wants assessment, execution of the recommended services, and future long-term support, including setting up mentoring and angel schemes, if appropriate. Company Directors and Senior Managers can benefit from any one or a combination of solutions. Contact us in confidence.